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| September 11, 2013

Hi, I am Colin; I get involved in Iraqi Dinar three years back when I was studying about Iraq, its history and economy. When I was studying its economy I learnt about different predictions about currency of Iraq. According to predictions, the Iraq will regain its value back in the near future and the investor will cash the time. May be some investors will be the millionaire of the future.

After studying this, it developed a craze in me to know more and more about it, so I started searching days and nights about Iraq and the future of its currency. I studied all the aspects that could affect Iraq and its currency. I discussed the Iraqi dinar with my friends day and night on the different social media sites also got the expert opinions about Iraqi dinar and their future predictions. One of the gurus gave me a reference of Kuwait’s example to understand the scenario. The people that invested at the time of Kuwait invasion by Iraq in 1990 became a millionaire within nights when Kuwait regained its value back.

I was inspired by the solid reasons that gurus gave me to invest in Iraqi currency. One of my friends gave me the example of his uncle and his wife who bought Iraqi dinar when three thousand Iraqi Dinars were equal to one US dollar. Now Iraqi Dinar has regained more than 50% of its value back and they will definitely cash it. According to the recent Iraqi economy and currency news, the central bank of Iraq is looking to remove three zeroes from its currency value. In this way Iraqi dinar will regain its value for 300 times. For example if you have 1000 Iraqi Dinar, it will be equal to 1 Iraqi dinar after revaluation.

All of The above things urged me and decide to buy Iraqi dinar but I was frustrated by search the dinar related things from a different source on a daily basis. So I decided to create a portal for discussion of Iraqi dinar and all of its news. I invited the gurus of the Iraqi dinar to give their expert opinion about recent and future predictions to guide our readers. My entire friends  appreciated me to provide them a sincere and a common forum to share their thoughts about the Iraqi Dinar.

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